Historic Women In Medicine

Historic Women In Medicine

During the month of September, influential women in medicine are being honored the impact they’ve made on the medical work. Our very own female radiologist, Simone M. Bridges, is an important part of our Kerrville staff. Similarly, to Dr. Bridges, women have been making their mark on the field of medicine and history. To commemorate Women in Medicine Month, here are four amazing women that have positively impacted science and medicine as a whole.


Clara Barton

Clara Barton is known as one of the most influential American women in medicine for her efforts during the Civil War. Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881. During the war, she helped nurse wounded soldiers and find any missing soldiers. Barton is one of the most important figures in history for disaster relief.


Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell paved the way for female doctors by becoming the first woman doctor in the US. Blackwell graduated from Geneva Medical College and co-founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children.  While she initially began a career as a teacher, Blackwell was inspired to become a doctor after her dying friend told her she could have survived if her doctor had been a woman.


Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first African-American doctor in history. After graduating with a medical degree from Boston University, Crumpler cared for freed slaves without access to medical care after the Civil War. She was not only a compassionate doctor, but she also was the first African-American to publish a medical book titled Book of Medical Discourses.


Gertrude Belle Elion

Gertrude Belle Elion is known for the life-saving discovery of Purinethol, the first major drug used to fight leukemia. After her grandfather passed away from cancer, Elion was inspired to become a chemist and eventually developed 45 treatments for cancer. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988 for her efforts in helping the immune system fight cancer.


These amazing women have left their mark on the medical world. From finding a treatment for cancer or being the first to pave the way for women doctors, women have proven to be major contributors in medicine. We loving having Simone M. Bridges as one of our board-certified radiologists that provide our patients with the best imaging care possible. Be sure to book your appointment with one of our four on-site radiologists today!