What To Ask Your Doctor Before You Get An MRI

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Before undergoing an MRI, you may have many questions and concerns. This medical test is an important imaging tool for radiologists, but it can be intimidating for first-time patients. Our four board-certified radiologists are here to support you through your Open MRI to ensure you have a positive experience. We've answered the most common MRI questions and are here to give you a piece of mind. 

1.)   What MRI size is the best for the type of MRI I am receiving?

MRI bore size is an extremely important topic when regarding MRI scans. There are three different types of bore sizes, wide, closed, and open. Each bore size comes with unique pros and cons.

2.)   Why am I getting an MRI rather than another imaging procedure?

This question usually gets overlooked when patients are told to get an MRI. There are various imaging procedures, and an MRI is just one of them. Obviously, the doctor prescribed you an MRI for a reason, but ask your doctor exactly why so that there is no confusion in diagnosing what ever may be wrong.

3.)   How will the results change my treatment?

This is a great question to ask to your referring physician because it helps you determine a plan for the future. Once you have a game plan for what could happen, the scan will feel like a breeze. If you know what the possibilities for treatment are you will feel calm and prepared for the rest of your exam.

4.)   What Will Happen If I Don’t Have the Test?

This question will allow the doctor to give you more detailed information about why you need an MRI. Are they looking for a serious injury, tumor or disease?  If so, not having the MRI will make your condition worsen overtime. This information can assist you in deciding if an MRI is the right test for you.

We hope these answers helped answer some of your MRI questions. If you have an unanswered question, feel free to give our office a call at 830-792-8843. Kerrville Imaging is dedicated to providing our patients with the best imaging experience so no need to worry about your Open MRI. We've got you covered!