6 Ways To Get A Better Night's Sleep

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Sleep is essential to maintaining overall health and functionality throughout the day. Research has proven that people who do not get enough sleep at night suffer from it both physically and mentally. You can ensure to get your 8 hours of sleep by following these tips to a better night's rest 

1.)   Try to go to sleep at the same time every night

Take a couple nights and see when you are most tired. Try to go to sleep around that time so that you can fall asleep soundly. If you are getting enough sleep you will naturally wake up in the morning. If not setting an alarm is too bold for you, then set an alarm for the same time every morning. Also, get into a routine every morning, this can help the body’s internal clock be more used to waking up. This will make you feel fresh in the morning.


2.)   Avoid screens before you go to bed

Screens such as phones, tablets, and TVs emit blue light that is harmful for your sleep patterns. They can disrupt your sleep patterns and keep you up at night. Try turning the brightness down on your phone or turning on night mode. This can help the quality of sleep you get.


3.)   Get exercise

Exercising during the day can help promote a better night’s sleep. Studies suggest that exercising 3-4 hours before you go to sleep aids in better sleep because you are more tired when it’s time for bedtime. Also, exercisers feel less sleepy throughout the day.


4.)   Avoid big meals and alcohol at night

Avoiding too big of meals for dinner time will result in a better night’s sleep. Big meals can make your stomach ache, interrupting the quality of sleep you get. As well as this, having alcohol before bed can also disrupt your sleep schedule. Even though it may be tempting to have a glass of wine before you sleep, it’s a good idea to have it earlier.


5.)   Make your room a sleeping haven

The environment in which you sleep in plays a great deal in whether the sleep you get is a good night’s sleep. Keep your room dark and cold, but have blankets to keep you warm. Get a comfy bed, blanket and pillow. This will ensure you are cozy and ready for a night’s rest. Also remember, reserve your bed for only sleeping. A lot of people will eat or read in bed, but studies show that this might not be the best. Your brain might associate your bed for different activities if you’re trying to go to sleep.


6.)   Relax

The last thing to remember is to just relax. Sleeping is an activity everyone does, and it one of the best steps to take for a healthier lifestyle. No one can function without sleep, so just sit back, relax and let your thoughts drift away.


We understand that is can be difficult to get enough sleep with our busy schedules, but we hope these tips will help you get a better night's rest. If you have concerns regarding how much sleep you are getting at night, talk to your doctor about what they recommend. Contact us for any health related questions, we will do our best to help!