Tips On How To Prepare For A Mammogram

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Since breast cancer is the second most common cancer for women, undergoing an annual mammogram is important. Catching breast cancer early is the best way to successful fight the disease. Whether it's been awhile since your last mammogram or it's your first time undergoing this procedure, we created a list of helpful tips of how to prepare for your mammogram.



1. Schedule Your Mammogram Appointment at an ACR Accredited Facility.

Similarly to how our center is ACR Accredited for MRI, the center you choose to undergo a mammogram at should be a certified mammogram facility. When you see this golden stamp of approval, this guarantees you will receive the best quality breast imaging services.


2. Book your appointment at a time that your breast is least likely to be tender.

It’s no secret that mammograms can be slightly uncomfortable. Since mammogram scans use x-rays, the machine compresses the breast to allow x-rays to create better images on the breast tissue. To ensure you are comfortable during your scan, schedule your appointment for the week after your period since this is when your breast are least likely to be tender.


3. Don’t wear deodorant before your mammogram.

Before arriving to your appointment, be sure to avoid any deodorants, antiperspirants, powders, lotions, creams or perfumes under your arms or around your breasts. Metallic particles in these products can cause false positives or confusions in mammogram results.


4. If you’re not a first timer, bring your previous mammogram images.  

Especially if you’re going to a new facility for the first time, be sure to bring in any prior mammogram images. Your radiologists will be able to compare your previous images with the new ones to give you the best results.


Here are a few tips that will help you when scheduling your appointment and on the day of your procedure. Scheduling your annual mammogram is of utmost importance when monitoring your breast health and fighting breast cancer. Breast MRI’s are also a helpful breast imaging tool for women at high-risk or with dense breasts. If your doctor recommends a breast MRI, our Kerrville Radiologists would be more than happy to care for you.