How To Protect Yourself From The Sun

How To Protect Yourself From The Sun

With the sunny season upon us, protecting yourself from the sun’s potentially harmful rays is vital. Taking the proper precautions when in the sun can prevent skin cancer. This year’s sunscreen recommendations are in and here are a few tips based on these recommendations.


What Makes The Perfect Sunscreen?

Researchers stress the importance checking the ingredients found in the produce that may be potentially harmful to one’s health as the first step to take when choosing a sunscreen. The primary factors to consider when how well the products worked, and included how well the products blocked both UVA and UVB rays, and how much a product's active ingredients break down in the sun.

While many factors aren’t as concerning as other years, the improved quality of sunscreens overall does not mean there aren’t bad sunscreens still out there. Mineral only sunscreen is your best bet when purchasing sunscreen because they are stable in sunlight, protect against UVA and UVB rays, and do not contain any harmful ingredients.


Sun Safety

While sunscreen is important, taking all precautions when in the sun can help you stay protected. Choosing a good sunscreen is the first step to take when being exposed to sunlight. Utilizing umbrellas and covered areas when possible can help lessen your exposure to harmful rays. Be sure to invest in a good hat and pair of polarized sunglasses to ensure you’re protected.

Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours and after swimming.  SPF 30 is preferred and water resistance if possible. Wearing long sleeved tops of UV rays and driving a car with tinted windows you can ensure you're protected from harmful rays.


We hope these tips keep you sunburn free during the sunny season! Protecting yourself from the sun is the most important way you can ensure that you are taking every precaution to lowering your risk of developing skin cancer.