Pediatric MRI: Is Anesthesia The Answer?

Pediatric MRI: Is Anesthesia The Answer?

MRI’s can be difficult for any patients, but especially our youngest ones. Parents are often concerned with allowing their child to undergo an MRI scan. While utilizing open MRI machines help children during their scans, anesthesia can help younger children have more accurate scans. If you’re a parents who is concerned about what may be best for your child when undergoing an MRI, we are here to provide you with knowledge all about anesthesia and its role in pediatric MRI.

Pediatric MRI’s

Depending on the age of the child, sedatives are sometimes required to ensure that the MRI will take the most accurate images. Since patients are to be still during the scan, younger children and infants can be fidgety or anxious during these often lengthy scans.

Pediatric MRIs may require a anesthesia depending on these three factors: the age and development level of the child, the length of time it takes to do the procedure, or if any discomfort is expected during the scan. IV is the most common method for sedation during these scans.

Increasing Use Of Anesthesia In Pediatric MRI

A recent study shows that sedation is being used more commonly in pediatric MRI imaging. The study showed that pediatric MRI sedation has increased over the past year. The increase was seen most prominently for patients between the age of 1-6 years. While the numbers have increased over the past years, the percentage of underage MRI patients that receive sedation is under 30%.

When deciding which is best for your child, be sure to take into consideration the important factors which includes the age of the child and the length of the MRI scan. Just like MRI’s scan vary, each child is different and this decision should be consulted with a physician. Sedation can help ease claustrophobia and allow the technologist to get the best imaging scan.

Our Open MRI scanners help patients of all ages overcome scan anxiety and is child friendly. If you have any questions about pediatric MRI scans, please give our center a call.