How Open MRI Helped One Woman Overcome Claustrophobia

How Open MRI Helped One Woman Overcome Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is a genuine concern for many of those needing to undergo an MRI but suffer from this crippling anxiety. People from all backgrounds can experience claustrophobia, and MRI's can seem like an impossible undertaking for those who experience it. One woman suffered from claustrophobia her entire life, but her experience with an Open MRI scanner helped her overcome her MRI fears. 

The Claustrophobia Cure: Open MRI

One woman who struggled with MRI claustrophobia found it impossible to survive an entire scan until she tried an Open MRI.  During her first MRI experience in a closed bore scanner, she recalled leaving the machine only a few minutes after the MRI machine. This experienced scarred her from ever wanting to try an MRI scan again until years later when a doctor suggested an Open MRI.

Open MRI’s use the same technology as the traditional Closed MRI scanners, but they provide a wider opening to ensure the patient is more comfortable.  While she was skeptical at first, the doctor found an MRI necessary for a diagnosis.


A Life Changing MRI

“I finally called the MRI center, 'fessing up, stammering apologies all the way, blurting out that I was tormented by even imagining the experience, and, yes, had already bolted from that MRI-in-progress some years back.

When I finally stopped talking, the scheduler on the other end of the phone - a total stranger - said she understood. She didn't try to minimize my fears. She told me that doctors and football players and corporate titans fight the same demons. Women more than men, by the way.

And then the breakthrough: She invited me to visit the exact open MRI that was prescribed for my procedure. I loved that word, open. But I didn't quite trust it.

Then I was told I could look at that MRI as many times as I needed to.

And this miracle: I could have someone in the room with me, close by, but safe, of course, from any danger.

I'm not optimistic by nature. But something - I can't explain what - broke through my terror.

I made that visit. I repeated it twice. I studied the machine as though I were about to buy it for our living room.

Then I chose my husband as my companion since we'd been through everything meaningful, important, monumental, and scary in our lives.

I also gratefully accepted the offering of a mild sedative that came with this package.

On a late winter day, trembling slightly, but also feeling some semblance of prefight bravado I can't explain, I did the deed.

The last thing I remember was Vic's thumbs-up as I drifted into a glorious peace. The next thing I knew, I was seeing Vic's thumbs-up again, this time accompanied by his wide grin.

I'd broken through at least one of my demons. I wept with relief.”

This woman's story can inspire you to overcome your MRI fears too. Luckily for you, at Kerrville Imaging we offer the best quality care for Open MRI. We can ensure that your MRI experience is top notch. If you have any MRI anxieties, feel free to give us a call. We are here to help!