The Importance Of MRI's In Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

The Importance Of MRI's In Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

MRI’s are used when diagnosing various illnesses and diseases. While people initially think of biopsies as the best way to diagnose cancer, MRI’s have proven to pick up 93% of aggressive cancers and biopsies account for less than half.  Scientists are saying that MRI’s have an important role in detecting prostate cancer.  Not only have MRI’s proven to be more effective in diagnosing prostate cancer, they also can aid in decreasing the amount of men having to undergo painful biopsies.

Prostate Cancer and Biopsies

Prostate cancer can only be found in men because the prostate is located at the base of the bladder. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst American men and often occurs in older men.

Because of the location, prostate biopsies can be painful and invasive. Biopsies consist of tissues samples of the area of concern. Besides MRI’s being less invasive, biopsies have also proven to be inaccurate and often miss aggressive cancers.  Since these biopsies are often inaccurate, they can result in wrong diagnosis.

Studies on MRI’s and Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Biopsies have proven to be the least effective method of diagnosing prostate cancer, which has paved the way for MRI’s.  According to a British medical journal, almost 30% of men can avoid biopsies if they utilize MRI’s.  By using MRI’s instead of biopsies, overdiagnosis can be avoided, a common problem associated with prostate cancer biopsies.

A UK study done of MRI’s and their effectiveness in diagnosing prostate cancer in comparison to biopsies focused on MP-MRI scans that picked up 93% of men with aggressive prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer has both aggressive and harmless forms, which is why overdiagnosis can be a problem.

Currently, over one million prostate biopsies are performed in the Europe and the United States. The research done on MRI’s and their role in diagnosing prostate cancer can have a major impact on reducing the amount of biopsies implemented.

We are hopeful that these studies on MRI’s and prostate cancer diagnosis will lesson the amount of overdiagnosis and men having to undergo biopsies. If you are concerned about prostate cancer, contact us about our Open MRI scans at Kerrville Imaging.