MRI Scans: More Effective Than Mammograms?

MRI Scans: More Effective Than Mammograms?

MRI’s is our favorite diagnostic imaging tool because it helps give our patients important answers to their medical questions.  While mammograms and self-examinations are commonly used when diagnosing breast cancer, MRI screenings have proven to be beneficial to both high-risk and average-risk women. 

Breast Cancer 101

Breast cancer is a cancerous disease that affects the tissues of the breast.  Since this type of cancer is the second leading cause of death in women, screening are important to catching the disease early and treating it. There are various risk factors that can help in determining the potential risk for each woman, but tests are vital for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Tests

Physical exams are often used when checking for lumps or anything unusual in the breast tissue.  Mammograms, x-rays of the breast, are one of the most common breast cancer imaging tools. Ultrasound, blood chemistry studies, and biopsies can all be used to diagnose breast cancer.

Why MRI For Breast Cancer Screenings?

MRI’s have been dubbed an effective alternative to traditional mammography. An MRI study revealed more cancers than a traditional ultrasound scan. Women with a higher risk of breast cancer are always recommended to undergo an MRI scan, but the concern of breast cancer for average risk women can justify undergoing an MRI scan.

MRI’s have been considering the most accurate diagnostic imaging modality in terms of breast cancer screening. Various studies show that MRI’s were able to catch cancers that ultrasound and mammography often missed.

Be sure to take the precautions necessary for catching breast cancer early. We hope this has taught you more about breast cancer screenings and which method may be best for any woman.