How To Prepare For An MRI

How To Prepare For An MRI

Your doctor suggests an MRI, you book your appointment, and ready to undergo this common diagnostic imaging scan. But how do you prepare for this procedure? This noninvasive scan is painless and doesn't require much preparation. We've provided a run down about how the day of your Open MRI will go and how you can prepare yourself ahead of time.  

The Day Of

Before going into the office to receive your MRI scan, you may go about your day as you usually would.  MRI procedures do not require any procedural instructions to follow.  So no need to worry before your appointment, you can go about your daily business without any concerns.

At Your Appointment

After arriving to your appointment on time, remove any metal items that you may be wearing.  These items may include watches, earrings, belts, or any other metal accessories. If you have metal implants, consult your doctor or radiologist before your appointment to ensure your implant will not interfere with your MRI results.  Put on your gown and relax.  Being anxious before your exam is normal, ask a member of our staff if you need any help prior to your scan.

During The MRI

MRI’s visualized internal organs of the human body by utilizing magnetic fields, radio waves, and computers to generate images of the body.  This diagnostic imaging technology may sound scary, but it is completely painless and free of any harmful radiation.  If you’re concerned with claustrophobia, Open MRI’s may be best for you because they are roomy and are more comfortable during the procedure.  The scan will typically take 20-45 minutes.

The Results

After receiving your MRI, your doctor will receive the results within 24-48 hours of your scan. Your doctor will be able to help when evaluating various things including shoulders, hips, bone marrow abnormalities, and organs in the abdomen and pelvis. The scan will show any structural abnormalities of organs, inflammation in soft tissues, and muscle tears.

When preparing for your MRI, remember that it'll be over before you know it. If you have any questions or concern, be sure to reach out to your radiologist or technician. Our team at Kerrville Imaging is dedicated to providing our patients with the best imaging experience and will be there to support you during your scan.