How Long Does It Take To Heal a Broken Bone?

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Broken Bone

As anyone who has broken a bone knows your recovery continues long after the first trip to the doctor’s office. Breaking a bone isn’t one of those injuries you can put a Band-Aid on to fix and heal, they take time to completely heal.

So, how long will it take before your bone is healed and you can resume your normal activities?

Well, of course, the answer depends on a few different factors, but you should expect that it will take anywhere between 4 weeks and 3 months for your broken bone to heal.

Bone recovery depends mostly on which bone is broken, but it is also heavily affected by the age of the person who suffered the injury and what type of fracture occurred when the bone was injured. The bone’s healing time can also be affected by other factors such as bone diseases such as osteoporosis, any previous injuries to the injured area, and the general health of the person who suffered the injury.

Generally speaking, the smaller the bone is, the quicker it will be able to heal. For example, if you broke your finger, it would heal a more quickly than a fractured femur (thigh bone). This also applies to the age of the person. The younger the individual is, the quicker they can expect their bone to heal. Generally speaking, if a both a 14-year-old boy and a 50-year-old man breaks their wrist, it might take the 50-year-old 6 weeks for his wrist to heal while it only takes 4 weeks for the boy.

Typical Healing Times:

There is no formula to know how long it will take your bone to heal without consulting your doctor, but this is the typical timeline for certain bones to heal.

                Collarbone = 4-8 weeks

                Shoulder-blade = 6-8 weeks

                Ribs = 4 weeks

                Upper arm = 4-10 weeks

                Lower arm = 5-8 weeks

                Wrist = 4-12 weeks

                Finger bones = 3-6 weeks

                Pelvis = 4-6 weeks

                Upper leg = 12+ weeks

                Lower leg = 4-24 weeks

                Ankle = 6 weeks

                Foot = 3-12 weeks

                Toe bones = 3-4 weeks

At the end of the day, breaking bones are never fun and take time to completely heal and regain their strength. Whether it causes you to take a break from your favorite physical activities or causing discomfort for a period of time, the recovery time can be the worst part of a broken bone.

Following your doctor’s instructions in regards to the healing process will ensure your bone heals fully. Making sure that your bone heals fully is extremely important when it comes to preventing future injury, so stay disciplined and treat your bone well during recovery!  Bone health is important to Kerrville Imaging and we hope this bone healing timelin