The Benefit Of Having An On-Site Radiologist

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Numerous factors play a role in helping you decide on where to undergo an imaging test. Whether it’s the pricing, location, or services offered, there are many things to consider before undergoing an MRI. When considering your options, consider the staff and radiologists.

Kerrville Imaging varies from other centers because we have on-site radiologists that provide personalized care on the spot. No need to wait for results when you can meet with one of our four radiologists after your MRI scan. Here are a few ways you can benefit from visiting an on-site radiologist for your imaging needs.

Ask questions about your results and receive one-on-one care.

Our radiologists will provide you with your results after interpreting them. You’ll be allowed the chance to ask questions and better understand your imaging results. One of the benefits of an on-site radiologist is being able to have personalized care for your specific case. You’re not a number at Kerrville Imaging, as one of our patients you are cared for as a part of our family.

No wait time for results.

Depending on your case, waiting for imaging results can be nerve-wracking. With an on-site radiologist, you’ll only have to wait a few moments to receive your results instead of days. Some centers may require you to book an appointment just to receive your results, but with an on-site radiologist, you won’t have to wait for personalized results.

Lessen your chances of needing follow-up imaging.

According to the American College of Radiology, follow-ups are less likely to be necessary when an on-site radiologist interprets results on the spot. Patients are 34% less likely to need follow-up imaging. What doe this mean for you? More accurate results and less time wasted on follow-up imaging.

It’s simple to see how you can benefit from visiting a center with on-site radiologists. Our local, board-certified radiologists are dedicated to providing each patient with top quality imaging and personalized care. Schedule an appointment with us and enjoy the benefits of going to an on-site radiologist.