5 Reasons To Choose Open MRI

5 Reasons To Choose Open MRI

We will be the first to admit that we love Open MRI! While they are the newest trend to the diagnostic imaging field, they offer various benefits that overshadow traditional Closed MRI's. Our radiologists provide the best diagnostic imaging care by utilizing Open MRI technology. If you're trying to decide between closed and open MRI, here are a few reasons why Open MRI might be best for you. 

1. No more claustrophobia.

Traditional MRI's are closed tubes in which the patient must stay in throughout the duration of an imaging procedure. Since these procedures can take up to an hour, it's easy for patients to begin to feel trapped or claustrophobic. Our Open MRI's don't have that problem because they are literally open and eliminate the trapped/closed in feeling.

2. Accommodation for patients of all sizes.

Open MRI's give patients more space and allow patients who may not have fit in a closed machine to still get the care they deserve. Patients up to 550 pounds or patients with broad shoulders can use the open machines much more comfortably than the traditionally closed machines.

3. Makes it easier for patients with limited mobility.

We want every patient to feel welcome and have equal access to our services. Patients who use wheelchairs or who have limited mobility tend to have much smoother and more comfortable transfers into Open MRI machines compared to Closed MRI machines.

4. Better for children and teens.

Even outside of MRI procedures, children (and sometimes teens) can be antsy and unable to stay still. Open MRI's are great options for their imaging needs as well since they won't feel the confinement of closed machines (similarly to claustrophobic patients). 

5. No more loneliness, more support.

Any medical procedure can be scary or nerve-racking, especially ones that have to use big, sometimes overwhelming, machines. Open MRI's allow for patients to hold a loved one's hand to help them feel comforted and comfortable during the exam.

We hope you take advantage of the benefits that Open MRI's can provide over the traditional Closed MRI's. If you have any questions about Open MRI or how to schedule an Open MRI at Kerrville Imaging, give us call at 830-792-8843.