Why We Utilize Open MRI

Why we utilize Open MRI, Open MRI

We understand that as a patient, you are constantly searching for the best care that you can find which is why we only offer Open MRI. We believe that Open MRI is the overall best choice for patients based off of the many benefits that are specific to this machine. One of the biggest reasons why we use Open MRI’s is to accommodate our patients and make sure they are comfortable in our center.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the safest ways to see inside the human body because it is non-invasive, doesn't expose the patient to radiation, and still produces high-quality images of bones, tissues, and organs. Using this explanation, MRI’s, in general, align with our value of giving patients the best type of care, but Open MRI procedures take it one step even further.

Open MRI

Opposed to a Closed MRI, Open MRI’s allow many different types of patients to feel more comfortable. Since Closed MRI machines are just that--closed, patients can become claustrophobic during the procedure. Open MRIs eliminate the claustrophobic feeling since they are literally open.

Since we care for patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages, Open MRI’s are perfect for us. They can accommodate patients up to 550 pounds, allow better access for patients with limited mobility, help children stay calm and still, and comfort patients who don't want to feel alone during their procedure.

We believe Open MRI’s are the best option for the majority of our patients, that's why our imaging center specializes in Open MRI procedures. If you are in need of an MRI, you can schedule an appointment online at Kerrville Imaging today!