5 Signs Your Radiologist Is Bad To The Bone

5 Signs Your Radiologist Is Bad To The Bone

  The search for the best doctor to fit your needs and requirements can be difficult, especially when the options seem endless. Your search for the best radiologists to perform your scan can be confusing when almost every center claims to have the best in the business. While you set out on your search for the best radiologist, look for these signs to ensure your radiologists is bad to the bone.

1. They're detectives.

Not literally of course, but great radiologists are investigative like detectives. They have to pay attention to every little detail and they have to be great problem solvers. The images from diagnostic tests don't have huge arrows pointing to what exactly is wrong, so your radiologist has to know what to look for, where to find it, or how to continue solving the problem (if there is one) if the images come up clear. 

2. They're intelligent.

This one might be a no brainer, but one of the most crucial aspects of a radiologist's job is being accurate. They have to be knowledgeable about the imaging technology, how to read the results, the next steps in a specific treatment plan, latest medical research, etc., so they should always be brushing up on the latest medical information. Continuously building that knowledge base is what keeps a radiologist on top of his or her game so that he or she can treat you best.

3. They're caring.

This one might be a no brainer too since it's a doctor's job to help others, but it's unfortunately not always the case. Especially in radiology, it's very easy to get a doctor who is mainly concerned with the tests, numbers, and facts instead of someone who can be social and truly listen to a patient's concerns too. Part of being caring is being empathetic and sensitive. Your radiologist could have bad news for you, so you want someone who will be sensitive to your reactions and feelings and comfort you in a hard time.

4. They're dependable.

Not only should they be dependable for their patients, but also for the other staff members. You can learn a lot about a person's character by the way they treat others, especially when they're in a position of authority. A great radiologist is reliable and available in the best way possible to every person he or she works with.

5. They're independent.

Although your radiologist has to be able to work with others in a kind and professional manner, a lot of his or her time will be spent autonomously making important decisions and being a good leader too. He or she has to be confident in their own ability and self-reliant when the stakes are high. Part of this goes back to #2 because they should have most of the answers instead of having to consult with others all the time. 

We hope these signs will assist you in finding the best radiologist to fit your needs. Here at Kerrville Imaging we want to make sure our patients receive the best quality care for your MRI needs.  Our bad to the bone radiologists are excited to meet you!