The Best Broken Bone Recovery Tool: Netflix

So you break a bone... bummer! What's worse though is that when you go to the doctor, he or she tells you it's going to take weeks or months to heal. So now not only do you have to be in an uncomfortable cast, but you'll pretty much be immobile for who knows how long! What are you supposed to do if you are limited in your physical activities?

Netflix. That's going to be your go-to best friend for the weeks or months you are recovering from breaking your bone.  Even people who aren't healing from some sort of fracture are hooked on Netflix, but now you have an excuse to binge watch whatever has been on your to-watch list! Depending on what bone you broke, your healing time can vary. Luckily, there are different shows on Netflix that are different lengths with varying amounts of seasons, so you can customize your experience! 

We wanted to give you some ideas to get you started and keep you entertained through your recovery process, so here are the top 5 Netflix show series we recommend!

1. Grey's Anatomy

So many people are fans of Grey's Anatomy and it would be the perfect medical show to get hooked on for weeks. There are 13 seasons of the show, 12 currently on Netflix, and each episode is about 45-55 minutes long, so if you have a longer recovery... this could be the show for you.

2. How I Met Your Mother

This is another classic series and it's a lot more light-hearted than Grey's Anatomy if you don't want to get too emotionally invested in characters. There are 9 seasons out on Netflix and each episode is about 25 minutes, so it's less time consuming than other shows.

3. New Girl

If comedy is your favorite genre, New Girl is one of the hidden gems on Netflix. There are only 5 seasons on Netflix currently, but since the show is still going on, more seasons will be added in the future! The episodes are about 25 minutes as well, so it's really easy to watch and get through. If you have a shorter recovery time, this is your show!

4. House of Cards

If suspense, drama, and politics appeal to you, then House of Cards might be your show. There are only 4 seasons currently out, but more are coming! These episodes are close to an hour, so it's more of an investment like Grey's Anatomy too. 

5. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is one of the most heart-warming and feel-good series out there. There are 9 seasons on Netflix, but you will be so sad there aren't more once you get to the last episode. These episodes are about 40 minutes long, so it's the perfect balance. 

There are so many more options out there, so let us know if you stumble upon another series that is great for broken-bone healing! If you stumble upon more imaging needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us as well.