Emotions: Good or Bad For Our Health?

Emotions: Good or Bad For Our Health?

While most know that physical and mental exercise is important for our overall health, but exercising your emotions also has an effect on your health. Some may experience more emotions than others, but both positive and negative emotions can directly affect your health.  Researchers have investigated the impacts that emotions have on our well-being and what they found may surprise you.

The Good

The researchers found that participants who experienced more positive feelings of love, compassion, and goodwill had a better "vagal tone" which reflected the quality of the participant's breathing and heart rate. So those who experience more positive emotions are more likely to have a better cardiovascular health, which is the center of the rest of our physical functioning.

The Bad

Aside from that research study, negative attitudes and emotions like stress or hopelessness have proven to be bad for our health too. These feelings can upset the body's hormone levels, which in turn deplete necessary brain chemicals and leads to a weakened immune system. One study even showed that those who are clinically depressed have a 2.7% increased risk of developing heart disease.

A study involving depressed women witnessed depression symptoms lessen after the women were paired up with a friend. Being social and encouraging healthy relationship is a simple way you can help boost your mood. Taking a daily walk or exercise are simple tips to follow to help rid of negative emotions and promote positive ones. 

Emotions can seem uncontrollable at times, but remember to smile and stay positive even on the worst days. Simply by boosting your mood and promoting positivity, your health can benefit from your food emotions. If you need any help feeling most positive about any health concerns, feel free to contact us. We're here to help you!