3 Home Remedies For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle, therefore easier to break. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes nearly 9 million fractures a year. That means there's an osteoporotic fracture every three seconds. Clearly, this disease is incredibly prevalent and causes a multitude of problems.

Most osteoporotic fractures occur at home, so we wanted to try to help the issue right at the source: home. Here are 3 home remedies for Osteoporosis, to help prevent and lower the number of fractures it causes.

1. You(r bones) are what you eat. Get lots of calcium and Vitamin D.

Since we were young, we were told milk is good for our bones. Milk is packed with calcium, so that is why and how it makes our bones stronger. The older we get, the weaker our bones are too. So one tip to remedy Osteoporosis is to return to our roots and childhood and drink more milk.

If milk isn't your favorite, there are plenty of other foods that you can incorporate into your diet to ensure you're getting a good amount of calcium and Vitamin D like fish and leafy greens. If you're just a picky eater, there are always supplements you can take too!

2. Move your bones and exercise.

Just like any other part of your body, the only way to build up your strength is to put it to work and practice. The exercises you do don't have to be extremely difficult or strenuous, but weight-bearing exercises like walking, yoga, or weight lifting really make a difference in building bone strength.

These kinds of exercises work by increasing your bone density, balance, and stability so not only do they make your bones less susceptible to breaking, but they also make you less susceptible to falling, which causes a majority of the osteoporotic fractures. 

3. Say no to drugs... really!

Alcohol and tobacco are known to be some of the worst things for your body and overall health, but they are even worse for you if you have osteoporosis. Alcohol decreases bone formation and increases the likelihood of falling. Smoking reduces your bone density by speeding up bone loss.

So both alcohol and smoking are literally the opposite of what you want to be consuming. You could be exercising and eating right all day, but if you smoke or drink more than 2 drinks a day, you're pretty much cancelling out all your other efforts. 


Everyone here at Kerrville Imaging wants the best for you and all of our patients. Try implementing some (or all) of these remedies into your lifestyle (especially at home) and it could literally be life changing. It's our job and our pleasure to help you, so please reach out to us if there's anything we can do.